Mirobot: Robotics kit for kids sails past Kickstarter target

Hertford, UK
2nd May 2014

Mirobot, the WiFi robotics kit for teaching children about technology, engineering and programming reached 200% of its Kickstarter target only one week after launching on the popular crowd funding site Kickstarter.

Mirobot is easy to build and is aimed at ages 8 and above. It has been specially designed to be simple for children to construct and once assembled it can be programmed to draw shapes using a simple drag-and-drop programming tool.

Technology education is seeing a resurgence of late, with programming making its way back on to the curriculum in the UK and abroad. Mirobot ties in with this and extends it to help children's understanding of how mechanical systems work as well as how they are programmed.

Ben Pirt, Mirobot creator, says: "My aim is to get Mirobot into the hands of as many children as possible. I want to help children understand how the technology surrounding them actually works. Kickstarter is Mirobot's first outing and has shown that there is a great deal of interest in using simple robotics kits like this to engage the next generation."

The Kickstarter campaign runs until Friday the 23rd May.


Notes for editors

Technical details:

  • WiFi connected
  • Browser based code editing
  • Arduino compatible (http://arduino.cc)
  • Open source
  • Build-it-yourself

Mirobot website: https://mirobot.io

Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bjpirt/mirobot-the-diy-wifi-robot-for-children

For further details please contact Ben Pirt at

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