08 Dec 2014

The 2014 Mirobot Gift List

There are some great things out there to build with your kids (I'm sure you've already ordered your Mirobot for Christmas!) and I thought it would be good to shine a light on a few of my favourites:

The MeArm


This is a great robotics kit produced by the guys over at Phenoptix. It's well priced and lots of fun to use once you've built it (it's also lots of fun to build of course). You'll need an Arduino or the like to get it going but it's all quite simply driven using servos.

Technology Will Save Us


This one's not a product but a company that make a whole load of amazing products. There's a great var ...

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03 Dec 2014

Launching Mirobot Apps

One of the design goals of Mirobot is that it should be the starting point for learning more about technology, not the end point. The built-in user interface is really just designed for making a simple start with getting to use Mirobot and it's always been my intention to make other ways of using Mirobot. Today I'm launching Mirobot Apps, which is an online repository for apps to use with your Mirobot.


All you need to do is get your Mirobot on your network, then enter its address to start using them. I'll be integrating the apps more fully with the built-in application shortly so you can just cl ...

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26 Nov 2014

Completing Kickstarter

There's a reason it's been a few months since the last blog post; I've been working full tilt towards delivering all of the units for the Kickstarter backers. All of these have now shipped and I've had some really positive feedback so far which has been great. Lots of useful comments and subtle ways to improve Mirobot in the future.

One of the things I've found really interesting about production has been the devices that I've ended up making to speed up the process and I thought I'd share a few of these with you here.


This is a 5 way Arduino Pro Mini programmer. It allows me to quickly put an Ar ...

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16 Aug 2014

Early Bird Update

Yesterday I shipped 30 Mirobots to the Early Bird backers from Kickstarter. These units have quite a few improvements that have been based on the feedback from the beta testers as well as my experiences in sending out the beta units.


PCB improvements

The main change on this version is a much simplified PCB. This was brought about by using an Arduino Pro Mini which runs at 3.3V instead of the previous 5V. Running at a lower voltage has a couple of advantages; it means that we can talk to the WiFi module (which is also at 3.3V) without needing any resistors to convert between voltages and very impor ...

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